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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser is a unique discharger for partially emptying big bags with fertiliser, seed, pelleted feed and other types of free flowing material. It originated in Finland as a result of manufacturers of fertiliser starting to use big bags (FIBCs). It soon became apparent that the safe and efficient handling of big bags on the farm demanded a reliable discharger, especially in situations when a full bag was not needed.

The Dispenser

Over the years Raimo Big Bag Dispenser has not only become an internationally acclaimed piece of equipment for handling big bags with fertiliser, the number of different materials that Raimo is used with has also expanded. Today Raimo is used with various free-flowing materials including: seed, pelleted feed, salt, gravel, wood pellets, plastics and various chemical products.

The Product:
Raimo Big Bag Dispenser consists of the following parts.

The main dispenser - has two cutting blades (covered by a safety guard) to penetrate the bag liner and a slide which opens and closes the dispenser. Diameter 13cm.

The locking ring - catches the liner of the bag ensuring the dispenser is securely fastened.

The extension tube - attaches to the main part of the dispenser with a snap-on fitting and directs the material to where it needs to go.


Raimo product demonstration video

Working Safely

Simply cutting or slashing the bottom of a big bag and causing the full content to fall out, can be very dangerous for the operator standing underneath.

Raimo Big Bag Dispenser, on the other hand, operated in accordance with instructions, is a safe way of emptying a big bag in a controlled manner.

  • Do not stand under a hanging bag. Install the dispenser on the SIDE, near the bottom, of the bag. Only install the dispenser on the UNDERSIDE of the bag if the bag is securely fastened so it cannot fall down and cause injury.
  • Never put a hand inside the dispenser when it is installed on the bag. Be aware of the sharp cutting blades.

About Us

OBS Enviro was set up by Hans Ekerot and Helena Ekerot (father and daughter) in 2007 with an office and warehousing facilities in the Highlands of Scotland. As a result of a unique product built to a high specification and good customer service Raimo is now sold worldwide into a variety of sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to name a few.

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